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straddle the fence

Fig. to support both sides of an issue. (As if one were partly on either side of a fence.) The mayor is straddling the fence on this issue, hoping the public will forget it. The legislator wanted to straddle the fence until the last minute, and that alone cost her a lot of votes.
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on the fence, be

Also, straddle the fence. Be undecided, not committed, as in I don't know if I'll move there; I'm still on the fence, or He's straddling the fence about the merger. This picturesque expression, with its implication that one can jump to either side, at first was applied mainly to political commitments. [Early 1800s]
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straddle the fence

tv. to support both sides of an issue. The mayor is straddling the fence on this issue, hoping the public will forget it.
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straddle the fence

To be undecided or uncommitted.
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Taylor added she "took him by the shoulders" and "placed him on the ground" before straddling him
Contract notice: Providing a turner-propelled straddling - csc 14/08/int
color) Bode Miller reacts after being disqualified from the combined for straddling a gate.
And only one site sponsored by a state government has been dropped: the International Site, straddling the U.
The Peeagwon 1 Property is located in the Wunnumin Greenstone Belt which is a 170 kilometre long northwest trending belt straddling the Stull-Wunnumin Fault Zone.
On 2 May 2014, Iran said it could get around 30,000 barrels of oil per day during the initial phase of operations at the Azar oil field straddling the border with Iraq.
Witnesses said Dick was straddling the blowhole about 3 p.
Straddling two vastly different legal worlds, Nick is determined to maintain his fast-paced lifestyle as he tackles cases involving children caught up in difficult circumstances.
It's been a little more than a year since juvenile condors bred in captivity were brought to this sparsely populated region straddling the Arizona-Utah line, part of the campaign to save North America's largest and rarest bird from extinction.
Nine of the 13 properties are located in the Peace River area of northwest Alberta; the remaining four are in the Provost area straddling the Alberta-Saskatchewan border.