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straddle the fence

Fig. to support both sides of an issue. (As if one were partly on either side of a fence.) The mayor is straddling the fence on this issue, hoping the public will forget it. The legislator wanted to straddle the fence until the last minute, and that alone cost her a lot of votes.
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on the fence, be

Also, straddle the fence. Be undecided, not committed, as in I don't know if I'll move there; I'm still on the fence, or He's straddling the fence about the merger. This picturesque expression, with its implication that one can jump to either side, at first was applied mainly to political commitments. [Early 1800s]
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straddle the fence

tv. to support both sides of an issue. The mayor is straddling the fence on this issue, hoping the public will forget it.
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straddle the fence

To be undecided or uncommitted.
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1092(b)-5T(e) is a straddle (1) all of the positions of which are held as capital assets; (2) at least one (but not all) of the positions of which is a Sec.
Summary: Beat the market volatility and squeeze it for profit by using a combination of call and put options called long and short straddles.
The Konecranes Straddle Carrier is designed to maintain a shock-free lifting of 60 tons, and has a true twin twenty lifting capability, and therefore increases the productivity.
The new straddle milling cutters, 8 1/2" and 9" effective diameter respectively, have a finer pitch than before.
To see how a straddle is a bet on volatility, assume that the implied volatility (using the BSM model) from a straddle on an equity option that expires in one month is 40 percent (annualized).
The duration of this display is typically about one second after which the aggressor chases after and/or tries to straddle the other lizard.
Although stock offset by another position in substantially related stock might reduce a corporate taxpayer's holding period for the DRD, it may not necessarily be a tax straddle under Sec.
Abu Dhabi Ports Company has reached a new landmark at its flagship Khalifa Port by erecting on time and to plan four of its first batch of eight diesel-electric straddle carriers.
However, if a notional principal contract is used as a hedge, the taxpayer may wish to identify the contract as such, to avoid the straddle rules of Sec.
We will have to wait and see, but methinks we could be setting up for a nice straddle play here.
With about a week until October options expire, McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) is seeing what appears to be a straddle cross the tape today.
While this is a middle-of-the-road reading, I like to think it signals an excellent opportunity for a straddle position.
My initial reaction is that some options players have decided to open a few straddle positions.
It was marked as a straddle, a transaction where an investor buys a put and a call with the same strike price and expiration date, in the hope that the stock will make a significant move one way or the other.