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stow away

to conceal oneself in a vehicle, originally a ship, in order to travel without paying. Don got to this country by stowing away on a cargo ship.
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stow something away

to pack something away. I have to stow my clothes away before I go to bed. Please stow away your things and get right to work.
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stow away

1. Put aside or store something until needed, as in We generally stow away the lawn furniture in the toolshed. [Late 1700s]
2. Hide oneself aboard ship or in a vehicle in order to get free transportation, as in The youngsters planned to stow away on a freighter but they never even got to the waterfront . This usage gave rise to the noun stowaway. [Mid-1800s]
2. Greedily consume food or drink, as in Bob sure can stow away a lot in a short time. [Colloquial; mid-1800s]
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stow away

1. To put something away or store something, especially to keep a place uncluttered or in order: The platoon leader ordered the soldiers to stow away their sleeping bags and secure the campsite. My lawyer has stowed those papers away in a drawer somewhere.
2. To hide aboard a conveyance in order to obtain free transportation: Unable to afford tickets, the youths stowed away on a tanker.
3. To consume some food or drink greedily: For someone so tiny, you certainly stow away a lot of food! You must have liked that pork; you certainly stowed it away.
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Stow it!

exclam. Shut up! Stow it! That is enough of your applesauce.
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A 20-year-old Romanian national was arrested for stowing away on an aircraft, contrary to Article 143 and 241(6) of and Part B of Schedule 13 to the Air Navigation Order 2009.
The competition served as a great opportunity to brief the latest ICODES updates and changes to our stow planners and share the best techniques and procedures for vessel stowing," said Rucks.
This replaces the process of a drawer, making sketches of boxes in each ship's stowing areas and still not being sure they are in the database.
Stowing your helmet in the WRONG place--under the driver's seat or hanging from the intercom control box--is a sure way to get it banged up and sent to the shop.
Not stowing the cable properly for storage or travel.
Military Traffic Management Command personnel made history at the Port of Jacksonville, simultaneously stowing combat equipment aboard two Large, Medium-Speed, Roll-on/Roll-off vessels in February.
There were occasional software stowing glitches in the early days of the Integrated Computer Deployment System, said Craig Messervy, a Stow Planner and Marine Cargo Specialist with the 841st.