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cobble' or his `mule', as they term the different classes of boats, would remain in the harbour till the storm had passed.
Perhaps the storm won't burst to-night," said Joe; "the clouds are very high.
The waiters had to press dishes upon the diners' notice; and the diners had to draw the attention of waiters, for they were all absorbed in looking at the storm.
When anybody died in the pale-green snow storms, the gallery mourned.
And the clouds were so thick in the sky that the sunlight couldn't get through them; so that the day grew dark as night, which added to the terrors of the storm.
The worst of the storm must have blown that night, though little I noticed it.
Violently will my breast then heave; violently will it blow its storm over the mountains: thus cometh its assuagement.
A deadened screaming went on steadily at his elbow, as it were; and from above the louder tumult of the storm descended upon these near sounds.
There had not been such a storm in the ten years my grandfather had lived in Nebraska.
Still, there was no abatement in the storm, but it blew harder.
For a while I sat there in the cleft, then I rose and fought my way through the fury of the storm back to the kraal Duguza.
Then a great storm came up, with thunder and lightning.
The steamer was forced to proceed slowly, and the captain estimated that she would reach Hong Kong twenty hours behind time, and more if the storm lasted.
The driving clouds of the gathering thunder- storm mingled there with masses of black and red smoke.
With every puff of the wind the fire leaped upward from the hearth, laughing and rejoicing at the shrieks of the wintry storm.