storm in

storm in (to some place)

Fig. to burst into something or some place angrily. The army stormed into the town and took many of the citizens as prisoners. Leonard stormed in, shouting at everyone.
See also: storm
References in classic literature ?
A CERTAIN MAN, detained by a storm in his country house, first of all killed his sheep, and then his goats, for the maintenance of his household.
There had not been such a storm in the ten years my grandfather had lived in Nebraska.
She handled the little ship like a veteran, though few veterans would have faced the menace of such a storm in so light a craft.
The opera proceeded, it was a piece with a storm in it; the mimic thunder began to mutter, the mimic wind began to wail and sough, and the mimic rain to patter.
As you know, we faced a very severe cyclonic storm in the state yesterday.
Painstaking detective work by art historians has revealed the identity of the painter who captured the ship in oils at virtually the same spot where she broke up in a storm in 1859.
They had helped the CIA in its failed effort to overthrow Saddam after Operation Desert Storm in 1991.
The estimated first quarter 1994 catastrophe losses of $35 million that result from a major earthquake and four separate severe snow and ice storms compare favorably with losses of close to $30 million for just one snow and ice storm in the first quarter of 1993.
which has, among other things, two deepwater rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, is "monitoring the storm in the event of preparing for evacuations," said spokesperson Alesha Leemaster.
The Northwest was pummeled by its second major storm in less than a week Sunday as 2 feet of snow, heavy rain and high winds blocked major highways, collapsed roofs and closed the Space Needle.
The California earthquake marks the fifth event since Operation Desert Storm in the which Aetna has offered a payment extension to its policyholders affected by national emergency or natural catastrophe.
area in March, Hurricane Andrew in August and the December storm in the northeast.
Lifetime To Love" is Peniston's first major dance release since her multi-platinum hit, "Finally," took the dance and pop charts by storm in 1992.
The previous high was a $180 million payout for a 1990 storm in Denver.
LAU Technologies has won numerous awards including the Army's Contractor Excellence Award in recognition of their exceptional quality and accomplishments during Operation Desert Storm in 1991; the First Annual Leadership Award to Women in Business given by the New England Council in 1993; and Ernst & Young's New England Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 1995.