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Now, Marmee, that is very cunning of you to turn our own stories against us, and give us a sermon instead of a romance
Besides, I am proud to acknowledge that the books are partly yours, for your suggestions often guide me in telling the stories, and I am sure they would not be half so good without your clever and thoughtful assistance.
We will begin with the good old formula of the fairy stories.
Of these stories the minstrels used to learn only the outline, and each told the story in his own way, filling it in according to his own fancy.
These stories then form the beginnings of what is called our Literature.
As on and on time went, every year more stories were told and sung and written down.
At first it asks only for stories, then it asks for history for its own sake, and for poetry for its own sake; history, I mean, for the knowledge it gives us of the past; poetry for joy in the beautiful words, and not merely for the stories they tell.
We may still love the stories that we loved as children, but we love others too.
She puts too much lovemaking into her stories and you know too much is worse than too little.
Reading stories is bad enough but writing them is worse.
None of them are stories of experience in the absolute sense of the word.
Falk" shares with one other of my stories ("The Return" in the "Tales of Unrest" volume) the distinction of never having been serialized.
This collection of stories by an author who has a claim to being Canada's best short story writer is a piquant assortment of stories about women.
Acquisition financing for $375,000 for a four stories, plus basement, non-elevatored building containing eight Class A apartments in Brooklyn, NY.
The publication of two stellar collections of stories out this season--God's Gym: Stories and I Got Somebody in Staunton--by such excellent storytellers as John Edgar Wideman and William Henry Lewis is a rare occurrence.