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Because, historically, most law enforcement line-of-duty deaths and serious injuries have occurred during hours of darkness, the preferred approach and stop location should include optimal available lighting conditions that favor the officer.
The other cameras continue to monitor drivers who pass the stop arm.
This way, lubricant-free dust stops provide the opportunity to reduce costs and also to improve the compound quality as just described (ref.
Just as the Ithacan sealed his companions' ears against the Sirens' song, so Adonis and Antipholus intend to stop their own ears against bewitchment.
If we assume that the high likelihood of being stopped reduces some blacks' willingness to carry drugs, then if not for the stops, they would have been carrying proportionally much more than whites.
We [can] begin to stop racial profiling by documenting where it's happening.
Bunton issued a stern injunction warning the Border Patrol to stop detaining people just because they looked Hispanic; he also cleared the way for a class-action suit against the agency.
At rising temperature and homogeneity of the mixture, the material transport towards the dust stops can be reduced by lowering the adhesion between the compound and the rotor shafts.
On their face, the statistics show that blacks and Latinos are subject to being searched by officers after a stop at a far higher rate than whites and other groups.
20) Similarly, traffic stops based on vehicle equipment violations may occur more often in some minority neighborhoods because owners may have fewer resources to devote to repairing their vehicles.
Agencies must develop a well-structured policy concerning professional traffic stops, outlining the conduct of officers and prohibition of discriminatory practices.
A field trial of 24 solar bus stops in the Sutton area of Greater London in 2003;
There are five daily stops by northbound buses and five by buses headed south - an increase from the previous four in each direction.
For example, an officer stops a young man because of a traffic infraction.
Gray Davis says that the bill will make it illegal for police to profile blacks and Latinos for traffic stops and will mandate that all law enforcement officers take diversity training classes.