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45] Now in Guido's retelling of this episode, Benoit's statement that no one in Ulysses' company could hear the Sirens' singing is expanded to say that Ulysses stopped his own ears as well as the ears of his crew:
As Judge Bunton would later note, agents had illegally stopped more than twenty Latino students and faculty at Bowie to demand proof of citizenship, often verbally abusing them as well.
Lewis was awarded the victory by knockout after the sixth round when the fight was stopped because of a cut over the eye of Vitali Klitschko
Stabilized--the officer has stopped the subject's actions (usually with verbal commands) but does not control the subject's ability to reinitiate hostile actions or has not cleared the subject's environment of weapons; or
The starting point of the Court's analysis was that all individuals stopped at roadblocks have been "seized" for constitutional purposes, and thus, to satisfy the requirements of the Fourth Amendment, roadblocks must be reasonable.
The suspect claimed that the officers stopped him without reasonable suspicion and used excessive force in the process.
The officer stopped the vehicle south of Sheldon Avenue and was later joined by Officer Van Thompson, who was in the area on an unrelated traffic stop.
When evaluating the subjective intrusion of the sobriety checkpoint, the Court observed that the fear and surprise experienced by motorists would be minimized by the fact that motorists could see that all vehicles were being stopped and that officers were in uniform and displayed visible signs of their authority.
What Davis and Murray are trying to dodge is requiring the California Highway Patrol and local police agencies to collect data on the race of motorists stopped, as well as the reason they were stopped and whether a search and arrest was made.
A deputy sheriff consequently stopped the truck and allegedly twice ordered the driver's wife in the passenger seat from the vehicle.
The bus stopped after striking a tree in a vacant lot near the intersection.
The confrontation began when the two police officers in a marked patrol car stopped a vehicle after noticing that it was being operated with expired Washington State license plates.
In May 1997, CHP Officer Richard Gibson stopped Kaldani on the Golden State Freeway near Newhall for speeding.
The officers noticed a dark-colored Nissan Pathfinder with temporary tags stopped at a stop sign.
18, 1997, when she either failed to stop for a stop sign for Avenue R-8 or stopped there and pulled out without seeing the bus approaching on 30th Street East, which has no stop sign.