stop short of

stop short of doing something

1. to decide not to do something I stopped short of telling him what I really felt about him.
2. to almost do something, or partly do something without completing it The punishments are quite severe but they stop short of losing your job.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the forms stop well short of or stop just short of: The government is stopping just short of threatening to go to war.
See also: of, short, stop

stop short of something/doing something

to decide not to do something I stopped short of telling him what I really felt about him.
See also: of, short, stop
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The group's final communique, which is expected to come out Saturday, is most likely going to express ASEAN's support for an air and naval navigation freedom but might stop short of mentioning China in name.
Rick Perry that signal support for his bid to succeed Kay Bailey Hutchison but stop short of a full-throated endorsement.
Duffy, who has opposed a complete mayoral takeover, said he is developing his own plans to submit to Villaraigosa that would provide for an increase in mayoral responsibility but stop short of a full takeover.
Judging from his debut CD, actor-rocker Cahoon knows the genre well--he certainly looks the part--but his performances stop short of the rabid insanity of Iggy Pop or Freddie Mercury's extravagant affectation.
The natural gas-rich provinces, Santa Cruz and Tarija, stop short of declaring themselves breakaway republics.
Although this study's findings stop short of proving a cause-and-effect relationship, they are the first to show an association between weak muscle strength in areas secondary to the site of pain and the overuse injuries themselves.
NEW laws will be introduced to stamp out swindles by doorstep ``cold callers'' -but the government is expected to stop short of an outright ban.
Internet-related initiatives stop short of direct selling of insurance products, instead focusing on marketing, service and support.
Two free-standing prefabricated pods, shaped on plan like teardrops, define the edges of the living space and stop short of the ceiling so as not to disrupt appreciation of the volume and play of light through the house.
Citing statistical shortcomings in their own data, the European investigators stop short of dismissing tamoxifen's preventive effects and instead call for further research.
She chooses to stop short of the unification effort led by Oda Nobunaga, leaving the townspeople suspended betwixt and between Japan's medieval and early modern worlds.
Although numerous features exist to help companies place and track ads within advertising networks and through the search engines, their extensive tracking and reporting tools stop short of the destination website.
Goldberg said Assembly Bill 205 was meant to stop short of giving gay and lesbian Californians the right to marry others of the same sex, while expanding the rights of domestic partners in areas ranging from health coverage to property ownership and funeral arraignments.
Park says the new policy "would stop short of saying there's no reason to continue research" in this area.
Hybrid plans are prepaid plans functioning with automatic replenishment facilitated via credit cards or checking accounts for monthly recurring payments but stop short of linking customers to the wireless provider by a contract.