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The pony, impelled by some secret sympathy or some new caprice, burst into a great pace, and neither slackened it, nor indulged in any eccentric performances, until they arrived at the door of Mr Swiveller's lodging, where, marvellous to relate, he consented to stop when Mr Abel checked him.
If you or any of your men meet with the woman, stop her, and send her in careful keeping to that address.
Not as many as I did at first, because now only the new ones stop in there-- the others go right along through.
Well, then you stop at the Schreiber--it's full of Americans.
The gang-plank being on the port side, Dag Daughtry paddled around to the starboard and brought the canoe to a stop under a certain open port.
One fella dog stop 'm along you," the steward whispered up.
One of the most common is the sight of a couple of towers, walking briskly along, deep in an animated discussion, while the man in the boat, a hundred yards behind them, is vainly shrieking to them to stop, and making frantic signs of distress with a scull.
He calls to them to stop, quite gently and politely at first.
And the small boys on the bank stop and jeer at him, and pitch stones at him as he is pulled along past them, at the rate of four miles an hour, and can't get out.
Him say any amount bad fella boy stop 'm along bush.
One fella ten-boy altogether he stop," came the aged voice.
He couldn't muster courage to come up to the ring, but wandered up and down from the great fives court to the corner of the chapel rails, now trying to make up his mind to throw himself between them, and try to stop them; then thinking of running in and telling his friend Mary, who, he knew, would instantly report to the Doctor.
Now, young Brooke, you're in the sixth, you know, and you ought to stop all fights.
Seeing the man gesticulate with imploring mien, and perhaps also recognising the officer who accompanied him, his Highness ordered his carriage to stop.
He entreats for permission to stop here for minute.