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stoop labour

Hard, physical labour requiring one to bend over, especially that which would be done on a farm. Primarily heard in UK. My grandfather has a permanent hunch in his spine from the stoop labour he had to do throughout his life. Every summer, we send the children to my brother's farm. It's good for them to get out of the city for a while and do a little bit of stoop labour.
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stoop to conquer

To adopt a role, position, attitude, behavior, undertaking, etc., that is seen as being beneath one's abilities or social position in order to achieve one's end. The wealthy congressman has to start taking advantage of more popular, mainstream entertainment platforms because the only way he can come back at this point is if he stoops to conquer.
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stoop down

to dip, duck, or squat down. I had to stoop down to enter the tiny door. Stoop down so you don't bump your head.
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stoop over

to bend over. Carl stooped over to pick up his napkin and lost his balance. As he stooped over, he lost his balance and fell.
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stoop to doing something

to degrade oneself or condescend to doing something; to do something that is beneath one. Whoever thought that the manager of the department would stoop to sweeping up? I never dreamed that Bill would stoop to stealing.
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stoop to something

to do something that makes your moral standards lower They have stooped to using threats of violence in order to get their way.
Usage notes: often used in the forms stoop to someone's level or stoop to the level of dong something: The president shouldn't stoop to the level of exchanging insults.
Etymology: from the literal meaning of stoop (to bend forward and down to make yourself smaller)
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stoop labor

Back-bending manual work, especially farm work. For example, They had us picking peas all day, and that's too much stoop labor. [First half of 1900s]
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stoop to

Condescend to something beneath one's dignity, as in She wouldn't stoop to listening to that obnoxious gossip. [Second half of 1500s]
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stoop to

To do something degrading or reprehensible to achieve one's ends: It's a shame that the museum has to stoop to cheap gimmicks in order to attract visitors.
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and stoop
n. a stupid person. (Also a term of address.) Look, stoop, just do what you are told.


See stupe
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As with standing up from a chair, stooping, crouching, and kneeling movements require coordination of the whole-body center of mass over a wide range of postures in order to prevent a loss of balance or fall," said physical therapist researcher and APTA member Allon Goldberg, PT, Ph.
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THEN arose Peter and ran unto the sepulchre, and stooping down, beheld, and departed, wondering in himself at that which was come to pass.
If the body weight is thrown forwards by habitual stooping, the lower spine (typically in the lumbar region') is placed under more strain than it would be if the spine were held in its natural 'S' shape.
While the case against hand weeding has political overtones, few professionals would argue that sustained stooping or kneeling postures do not produce musculoskeletal injuries.
Studies have generally shown that kneeling or sitting is an ineffective alternative to stooping since these postures have even higher risks of low back disorder.
But stooping to his level is just the encouragement racists like him need to hit back.
So now cellular phone carriers are stooping to the level of cigarette manufacturers by lobbying against a bill that would make our roads safer.
Not only is it smelly and gross, but most litter boxes are designed to be placed on the ground, so stooping down to clean them can be painful.