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SV), such as the static stooped one specifically designed in this study to induce muscular discomfort, had a significant (p=0.
This discrepancy in findings is likely due to; (1) the low intensity of induced muscular discomfort even after four minutes spent at a stooped posture, or (2) the acute nature of the nociceptive stimulus and the fact that healthy individuals, and not chronic patients, comprised the sample group.
Some ergonomic interventions to reduce the duration and degree of stooped postures have been developed or are under development.
Few low-cost, practical interventions exist for jobs requiring stooped postures.
And that was as good as it got for stooped Stoop fans.
Like Diana, he stooped to conquer, and it was captivating.
It's difficult to stoop lower than the way Mike Tyson and his handlers have stooped in the hype leading to his title fight against Evander Holyfield here on Saturday.