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In exchange for $3,200 in tuition, Pierce got the privilege of living in a tent for six months, sharing a modest kitchen and dining room with 50 people, and performing stoop labor five days a week.
Velasquez, the charismatic founder and president of the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), a Toledo, Ohio-based union, once again used the power of the boycott to improve conditions for thousands of workers who perform backbreaking stoop labor on farms so U.
The second oldest son in a large family that had been doing stoop labor in the fields of Mexico for generations, Lopez was 17 when he accompanied his father to Salinas.
And by 2020, "most Americans will be able to travel to Europe only as casual labor, just as the poor of Latin America and the Caribbean now come to California and Florida as stoop labor for the harvest and in search of menial jobs.
More than a third of families live on less than $10,000, with agricultural stoop labor as the principal source of income.