stool pigeon

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stool pigeon

An informant, especially a criminal working as a spy for law enforcement officers. Although the criminal agreed to help the police in order to avoid prison time, he was afraid the other gang members would kill him if they discovered he was a stool pigeon.
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stool pigeon

A decoy or informer, especially a police spy. For example, Watch out for Doug; I'm sure he's a stool pigeon for the supervisor. This term alludes to a bird tied to a stool or similar perch in order to attract other birds, which will then be shot. However, one writer believes that stool is a variant for stale or stall, both nouns used for a decoy bird before 1500 or so. [c. 1820]
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a stool pigeon

A stool pigeon is someone who gives secret information to the police. There's nothing the mob hates more than a stool pigeon. Note: This expression is used to express disapproval. Note: This expression comes from the old practice of putting a wooden pigeon on a seat to trick other pigeons.
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stool (pigeon)

and stoolie (ˈstul ˈpɪdʒən and ˈstuli)
n. an informer. (Originally underworld.) Some stool pigeon spilled the works to the boys in blue. I’m no stoolie!
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This collective activism shows the potential necessary to petition the ancestors for help in battle, and in joining this effort as Aunt Ester's descendent, Wilks represents the past as present, to reference the title of Elam Jr's formative book, Wilks embodies both warrior and maternal ancestor and holds the potential to be the Messiah of whom Stool Pigeon prophesied.
In an interview with music paper The Stool Pigeon, the singer added that he felt "unhappy" at how the crisis is affecting other people.
The awesome Jeremy Piven (Ari from Entourage) plays a personality magician linked to the Vegas mob who decides to turn stool pigeon.
Throwing in 80s hit Stool Pigeon right at the start, then I'm A Wonderful Thing and Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy, Darnell still manages to include a whole batch of new tunes, as well as dusting off more obscure gems like 1981's Gina, Gina (He's Just A Ski Instructor).
The awesome Jeremy Piven (Ari from Entourage) plays Buddy "Aces" Israel, a sleazy magician who is linked to the Las Vegas mob, and who decides to turn stool pigeon against his gangster pals.
The label's most popular artist Ja Rule has already written lyrics saying 50 Cent is a stool pigeon.
There's also Stool Pigeon (Lou Myers), a kind of comic-relief prophet of doom, whose cryptic pronouncements echo the mysticism Wilson has previously touched on in ``Joe Turner's Come and Gone'' and ``Piano Lesson.
However, when he decides to go stool pigeon against his gangster pals, he becomes their number one target.
A recreation of the victim's face identifies him as Nicky LaGrassa, a former hitman who turned stool pigeon and brought down members of the Mafia.
In Mafia tradition, it is a sign that a hit has been carried out on a stool pigeon.
Operators mixed up the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe officers, provided stool pigeons and even set up an undercover interpreter.
Most of these guys turn themselves into stool pigeons for the first brassy female who gives them her blessing, usually a svelte take-no-prisoners blond who bears a striking resemblance to right-wing attack poodle Aim Coulter.