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Turkey could have stood behind us better but it did not.
The reason we're here today is because of our Airmen, civilians, contractors and outstanding community who stood behind us 100 percent," said Col.
The defence stood behind us and if you have the commitment to give everything, even against a better team, you can get a result.
This is our way of saying thank you to all our friends and supporters who stood behind us for the past two years in all our basketball leagues," said Abdul Aziz "Jawo" Dizon, CEEPO chief executive officer.
In an emotional speech, Kejriwal said, "When the whole Delhi stood behind us, some friends of ours cheated us.
Whether it is making India a world power or bringing back black money he stood behind us.
I can walk into his room with any problem and I must say that he and the entire support staff have stood behind us like a rock over the last three years," he said.
But we're very proud of the way the fans stood behind us and cheered us on.
If we could do what we need to in front of our own fans it would be special because they have stood behind us every step of the way.
The boss admitted the post-match celebrations were choreographed: "I planned it because those supporters have stood behind us at every away game - even when we were crap in Cardiff they helped us to the end.
Waltrip continued, "We wanted to honor Charlie because of all the years he and his family have stood behind us and all the good work they've done for Aaron's employees and associates as well as the community.
On Syrian - Turkish relations, the Syrian president asked, "Do you think we will go back due to the ignorance of some Turkish officials or look for a relationship with the Turkish people who stood behind us during the crisis in spite of media propaganda?
Vijay, usually a man of few words, said: " I would like to thank everyone who has supported us and stood behind us, which has helped us succeed.
But Mayor [of Los Angeles] Antonio Villaraigosa stood behind us.