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flat broke

 and flat busted
Fig. having no money at all. Sorry, I'm flat broke. Not a cent on me. You may be flat broke, but you will find a way to pay your electricity bill or you will live in the dark. Mary was flat busted, and it was two more weeks before she was due to get paid.
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fall on stony ground

if a request, a warning, or advice falls on stony ground, people ignore it
Usage notes: This phrase comes from the Bible.
Repeated requests to stop the fighting have fallen on stony ground. Warnings about the disastrous effect on the environment fell on stony ground.
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flat broke

Also, stone or stony broke . Completely penniless. For example, I can't help you-I'm flat broke, or He's stone broke again. The first term dates from the mid-1800s and uses flat in the sense of "completely" or "downright." The variant dates from the late 1800s.
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flat broke

mod. having no money at all. Sorry, I’m flat broke. Not a cent on me.
See also: broke, flat
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They stand rigidly and look stonily ahead while this important greeting is taking place.
All members of the America II committee are stonily quiet about the technical aspects of their boat, because each development is kept as secret as a classified Pentagon paper.
One of the girls snickered but the man with the nimble fingers and stoned eyes regarded Ashley stonily.
Because besides his crutch he kept an evil old parrot who stared stonily down from his cage outside Downey's pub, the Bute Castle.
MOST OF A SWIMMING POOL AND PART OF A HOUSE dangle off a cliff, while the owner, Buster Keaton-like, stares stonily into the wreckage wondering where all the water went.
The man who served as Labour's Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary stonily turned his heart against his daughter, Mandelson's mother, and her child, scarcely acknowledging them in later life.
She glared up at him stonily for a few seconds and then finally said, 'I will ordain a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, and shall be moved no more.
They had been led by men whose statues, a century later, stare stonily back to that twilight of the Empire: Kitchener, Buller, Baden Powell and Lord Roberts - ``Little Bobs'' to the country.
Meanwhile, the diplomats and generals of the NATO countries sit on their hands and stare stonily over the barbed wire, hoping those thin threads will hold back the growing hordes.
RACHEL Pendergraft stares stonily ahead and says chillingly: "My daughters will never bring home a black boyfriend.