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flat broke

 and flat busted
Fig. having no money at all. Sorry, I'm flat broke. Not a cent on me. You may be flat broke, but you will find a way to pay your electricity bill or you will live in the dark. Mary was flat busted, and it was two more weeks before she was due to get paid.
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fall on stony ground

if a request, a warning, or advice falls on stony ground, people ignore it
Usage notes: This phrase comes from the Bible.
Repeated requests to stop the fighting have fallen on stony ground. Warnings about the disastrous effect on the environment fell on stony ground.
See also: fall, ground, on, stony

flat broke

Also, stone or stony broke . Completely penniless. For example, I can't help you-I'm flat broke, or He's stone broke again. The first term dates from the mid-1800s and uses flat in the sense of "completely" or "downright." The variant dates from the late 1800s.
See also: broke, flat

flat broke

mod. having no money at all. Sorry, I’m flat broke. Not a cent on me.
See also: broke, flat
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For serious discussion, whimsical reportage or fact-based news coverage, the HIGH TIMES editorial staff is available to enhance you coverage of this stoniest of all days.
Only the stoniest heart would have remained untouched at her plight.
But hopefully in this era of money and mercenaries the warmth afforded John Charles' memory will add steel to the stoniest dressing room hearts.
They love him because he is a classic hero figure, because he rose from the harshest of working-class backgrounds and travelled the stoniest of roads to stardom, and because he made it on his ability, his smartness, his resilience, and most of all, on the burning purity of his spirit.
Guaranteed to stir the blood in the stoniest of hearts.
Only the stoniest hearts will resist the urge to shed a few tears and there are scenes here that strike a sombre chord, but first-time screenwriter Gren Wells relies too heavily on personal resonance to connect us to the characters as they put plans in motion for an unconventional send-off.
It's hankies out time as the annual Pride Of Britain Awards turn the spotlight on people whose stories would melt the stoniest of hearts.
A heady cocktail of blissful melodies and snarling feedback, the quintet's crystalline template has matured but not grown up just yet, and all but the stoniest of hearts would be moved by the Glaswegians' spidery soundscapes.
Guaranteed to bring a smile to the stoniest of faces, the latest novelty looks are pure Christmas cheer.
Only the stoniest heart will be unmoved by pictures in today's Birmingham Mail of some of the first babies to arrive in 2009.
Kilvert called it, "the stoniest, dreariest, most desolate mountain I was ever on", which prompts Gwan as to call him, "a miserable old sod".
Stunning documentary to move the stoniest of hearts.