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flat broke

 and flat busted
Fig. having no money at all. Sorry, I'm flat broke. Not a cent on me. You may be flat broke, but you will find a way to pay your electricity bill or you will live in the dark. Mary was flat busted, and it was two more weeks before she was due to get paid.
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fall on stony ground

if a request, a warning, or advice falls on stony ground, people ignore it
Usage notes: This phrase comes from the Bible.
Repeated requests to stop the fighting have fallen on stony ground. Warnings about the disastrous effect on the environment fell on stony ground.
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flat broke

Also, stone or stony broke . Completely penniless. For example, I can't help you-I'm flat broke, or He's stone broke again. The first term dates from the mid-1800s and uses flat in the sense of "completely" or "downright." The variant dates from the late 1800s.
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flat broke

mod. having no money at all. Sorry, I’m flat broke. Not a cent on me.
See also: broke, flat
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Stonier faculty members include Wharton's Mario Mous-sa, PhD, MBA, who also serves as Stonier's Wharton academic director.
The banking industry's first-ever graduate school, Stonier was developed in 1935 at a time of far-reaching change in the industry.
Instruction at Stonier and Wharton has given me an unparalleled education from the best in the financial services industry as well as the chance to exchange information and ideas with successful industry peers," said Ms.
She was accompanied not just by Stonier on acoustic guitar and piano but a string section of violin and cello which had the power of a small orchestra, it was difficult to believe it was only a couple of instruments played delicately and with care.
For further information, please contact:- Randle Stonier eMail: randle.
Stonier is ABA 's national graduate school of banking, an intensive three-year program for bank executives.
The vehicle was picked up April 21 by trucker Meal Womack, who was under contract by Stonier Transportation Group, a subsidiary of NYK Logistics, Jacksonville, Fla.
Friends Jason Stonier and Geoff Adams built the cone out of balsa wood.
Convicted criminal Craig Stonier said Dyche asked him to ram his former fiancee off the road and then shoot her dead.
Craig Stonier, (41), from Staffordshire, said Dyche was adamant he wanted the 26year-old killed.
She is also a graduate of the Stonier Graduate School of Banking.
He also attended the Stonier Graduate School of Banking and the Manchester Business School.
This year the Australians took both the top red and white wine trophies -- Stonier Reserve Chardonnay 1999 from the Stonier Estate on the Mornington Peninsula won both the White Wine and Chardonnay trophies, while the red wine gong went to Brokenwood Rayners Shiraz 1999 from the Hunter Valley.
This is just monumental for the school and for these kids,'' said Bill Govea, who works on campus in nearby Stonier Hall.
He was spending two weeks at the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at the University of Delaware, wrapping up course work for a master's degree.