stone's throw

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stone's throw

A short distance away from something. Brett wanted a shorter commute, so he moved to a house that is just a stone's throw away from his job.
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(just) a stone's throw

(from something) Go to within a stone's throw (of something).
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(just) a stone's throw away

(from something) Go to within a stone's throw (of something).
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a stone's throw

COMMON If you describe one place as a stone's throw from another, you mean that the first place is very close to the second. His office is a stone's throw away from Westminster. The cellars are within a stone's throw of the church where Dom Pérignon, the legendary creator of champagne, was buried.
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a stone's throw

a short distance.
1989 Joanna Trollope Village Affairs Can't tell you the difference it will make, having you a stone's throw away.
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a ˈstone’s throw

a very short distance: We’re just a stone’s throw from the shops.
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CENTRAL This apartment in Akenside Terrace, Jesmond has much to offer those wanting to be a stone's throw away from the city.
Last year, Stone's Throw CSA had 52 shareholding members, among the four growers; the goal this year is 120.
My favorite used bookstore in the French Quarter is just a stone's throw from Jackson Square, the cathedral, and Cafe Du Monde.
is moving into a smaller residence a stone's throw away in Burlington, Ont.
And Celts could be a stone's throw from wrapping up the title again if they emerge with the win.
No longer can communities afford to have two sawmills within a stone's throw of one another, with both running one shift each.
Recalling her time as a student, she described halcyon days of drinking bubbly on the Southwark river-bank, just a stone's throw from the competition site.
Youthful versions of massive galaxies like our Milky Way may be only a cosmic stone's throw away.
His remedy was to live deeply and reflexively, sucking life's "marrow," and, if need be, communing with the Walden woods in the relative seclusion of meditative if quixotic faux isolation (he was literally a stone's throw from his nearest neighbors).
ITEM: Hundreds of protesters in Buenos Aires, reported Reuters on August 31, "sparred with police and burned tires just a stone's throw away from where [International Monetary Fund] chief Rodrigo Rata was meeting .
8 Westin Century Plaza, California A stone's throw from West Hollywood, Spa Mystique at the Century Plaza melds tradition and trendiness with its dark woods, sleek lines, and Asian-influenced treatments.
Heifer's new HQ is a stone's throw the Clinton President Library.
Yet, a stone's throw from Morehouse is the other half of the HBCU story.
The Irish Mirror visited his brothel - just a stone's throw from Leinster House - and was told sex cost pounds 80 an hour.
Perhaps because I went to my first baseball game at New York's Polo Grounds, which is no more, or because the subway exit for BAM lies only a stone's throw from what used to be Brooklyn's Ebbets Field, I found Baseballs upbeat nostalgia and unremitting sentimentality close to offensive--a betrayal of cultural memory.