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n. a cigar. Then this guy pulls out a big stogie and starts to smoke it right there in the restaurant.
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After a month's production, nearly 10,000 stogies had been rolled and sold through local businesses and also in Bradentown and faraway Tampa.
many people consider stogies a relatively safe alternative to cigarettes.
I was smoking my usual cigar at the time and when I suddenly hit a good one it jerked me so hard that my head hit the roof and that stogie went flying right out of my mouth.
CIGAR-smoking star Chris Tarrant had the shock of his life when he went to grab a stogie while holidaying in Botswana.
When Joe next lit up a stogie the pair asked him if his cigar was up to scratch before revealing where it had been.
Just in case over-sensitivity was too flimsy a pretext for removing the posters, they found two others: The portrayal of Bush suggested a political leaning, and the president's stogie implicitly endorsed smoking.
Geri, who clasped the stogie throughout the event where she met Prince Charles, is the latest female celebrity to use a cigar as a fashion accessory.
Some crowd favorites were Stogie Men, cigar smokers lounging on a flatbed truck with a giant, smoking ``cigar''; the energetic Humboldt State University Lumberjacks marching band; the droll Bastard Sons of Lee Marvin; and Caesar's Circus' toga-clad men and women, who were ``stabbing'' each other and spilling fake blood all over the street.
Carbaugh's response is that Schwarzenegger is an adult with every right to enjoy the occasional stogie, and he is - other than the smoking thing, of course - a role model for kids.
I'm working for clients who only care about smoking a big stogie, flying around in their private jet and having broads by their side,'' he said, adding that his Las Vegas clients often request odd mixtures of styles.
They proudly have in their possession a partially smoked cigar by Babe Ruth - but not just any stogie stub.
But the picture of Sigmund posed with a cigar reminds us what he said when asked if the stogie was a phallic symbol.
There are also cigars ``for those who enjoy a good stogie at sunset.
Whether these massive stogies are here to stay or just a passing phase is yet to be determined," said Dianna Scolaro, Director of Marketing for Best Cigar Prices.
Columbo also wore a crummy raincoat, smoked cheap stogies, and didn't seem very bright, But all that was a deception - he was brilliant and always figured out how and why a murder was committed.