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in your stocking feet

wearing socks but not shoes They hurried down the hall to the doctor's room in their stocking feet.
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in (your) stocking/stockinged feet

wearing socks or a similar covering on your feet, but not wearing shoes She crept upstairs in stocking feet so as not to wake the baby. He stood five feet five in his stockinged feet. (= his height was five feet five, without shoes)
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stocking feet

Wearing socks or stockings, but not shoes, as in I got locked out of the house in my stocking feet. [First half of 1800s]
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n. a small gift that is suitable for putting inside a Christmas stocking. I got some little stocking-stuffers for the kids.
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Earlier in the week, Albion fans had been warned that if they attended The Hawthorns in "bovver boots" were they would be "ordered to take them off and watch the match in their stockinged feet".
Obama walked in stockinged feet through the prayer room, underneath the dome and across the sprawling courtyard before he walked across to the University of Indonesia for his speech.
Both men stand a reported 5'7" in their stockinged feet.
Cole writes with fully realized stage direction to go with his dialogue--people clap their hands, pivot on stockinged feet, stand for several beats in puddles of pooling water.
With its effete brown trucks and brown stockinged drivers, UPS looks like the same old delivery company it was for decades, but below the surface it is like a corporate iceberg--the bulk of its multifaceted operations loom invisible to the ordinary customer.
As she walks through the house, ceramic tiles feel smooth under her stockinged feet.
For while he means to stop catching glimpses of stockinged thighs (and, on one occasion, a great deal more), the forbidden lust is invariably stronger than his resolve to sin no more and mollify Miss Stark.
They were all in stockinged feet, to honor Kevin's newly polished parquet floors.
With the beard of a Goth or a Vandal', which he tugged vigorously when agitated, and standing six-foot two in his stockinged feet, the man 'generally admitted to be the most wonderful cricketer that ever handled a bat' must, as Simon Rae reminds us in his new biography of W.
The clerk's life includes setting up Reston's speaking tours and hotel reservations, watching football games and drinking beer with the boss in stockinged feet on weekends, researching the column and being the first to read it.
Bullard stands five feet 10 in his stockinged feet, weighs 73kgs wet through - and boasts flowing blond locks.
Ronnie O'Sullivan plays in stockinged feet against Craig Steadman at the <B Crucible Theatre, for which the five-time world champion avoided a fine
Somehow a woman crashing to the ground, fishnet stockinged legs in the air, is a sight more worthy of a hug than a cruel jibe.