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silk-stocking district

A section of a city that is dominated by the upper-class. Even if you had the money, you wouldn't want to live in a silk-stocking district—you'd be totally subject to the whims of your wealthy neighbors.
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in your stocking feet

wearing socks but not shoes They hurried down the hall to the doctor's room in their stocking feet.
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in (your) stocking/stockinged feet

wearing socks or a similar covering on your feet, but not wearing shoes She crept upstairs in stocking feet so as not to wake the baby. He stood five feet five in his stockinged feet. (= his height was five feet five, without shoes)
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stocking feet

Wearing socks or stockings, but not shoes, as in I got locked out of the house in my stocking feet. [First half of 1800s]
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n. a small gift that is suitable for putting inside a Christmas stocking. I got some little stocking-stuffers for the kids.
References in classic literature ?
She set herself a task on her stocking and resolved not to turn round till it was finished.
The only thing that's odd about me is that I enjoy them both--Emerson and the stocking.
She pulled a basket containing balls of differently colored wools and a pair of stockings which needed darning towards her, and began to set her fingers to work; while her mind, reflecting the lassitude of her body, went on perversely, conjuring up visions of solitude and quiet, and she pictured herself laying aside her knitting and walking out on to the down, and hearing nothing but the sheep cropping the grass close to the roots, while the shadows of the little trees moved very slightly this way and that in the moonlight, as the breeze went through them.
Then she replaced her shoes, rolled the cotton stockings together and thrust them into her bag.
The clerk could not make her out; he could not reconcile her shoes with her stockings, and she was not too easily pleased.
Indeed, I recognised it as being of a Parisian design as yet little known in England; while on the tops of the stockings I laughingly suspected a border designed by a certain eccentric artist, who devotes his strange gifts to decorating with fascinating miniatures the under-world of woman.
It was not every day that that washing-day wind met so fine a lady, and it was charming to see how gently he played about her stockings.
Then she dismissed from her mind further thought of the tunnel, for that time, and began to wonder if Aunt Em would not be happy as Royal Mender of the Stockings of the Ruler of Oz.
Madam," said a Policeman, "I cannot permit you to do that; you would soil your shoes and stockings.