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Acutely anxious, restless, irritable, irrational, and/or depressed from remaining for too long in an unstimulating, confined, and/or isolated environment. "Stir" in this usage is a slang word for prison. We thought taking our family vacation in a tiny cottage out in the country would be a nice break from city life, but we all went a bit stir-crazy after a few days. The doctor said I need to remain in bed as much as possible, but I'll go stir-crazy if I can't get out of the house at least once a day.


crazy from being confined. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; go ~; get ~; make someone ~. stir is a slang word for prison.) I am going to go stir-crazy if I don't get out of this office.

stir crazy

mod. anxious and mentally disturbed from being confined, as in prison. (see also stir.) I was going stir crazy in my little room, so I moved to a bigger place.
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However, the slight plot (we're never really shown how they escape, they just kind of get out) is secondary to watching the unlikely trio build a begrudging friendship - Waits and Lurie going all out not to throttle a stir-crazy Benigni who, in an eight by 10 cell, is the irritation equivalent of a wasp in a diver's helmet.
She has been going stir-crazy tucked up at home and, with the permission of her medical team, was told she could fly.
This whole record came from being stir-crazy on a plane.
But it is unrealistic, and counter-productive, for players to go stir-crazy in their hotel rooms.
People are getting a little stir-crazy, feeling claustrophobic," said Chris Cognac, 39, who was returning with a group of family and friends - including 10 children - from a week in Puerta Vallarta.
Stash a thermos of something warm in your car for the drive home, and put those stir-crazy feelings out of your head until the next rainy day.
You can almost go stir-crazy in a studio apartment where you eat, sleep and watch TV in the same room, so the most important thing is to make it well-arranged by leaving it completely open or dividing it into areas of activity with screens or large pieces of furniture that serve as dividers,'' Leonard advises.
But behind the scenes, two stir-crazy teenagers were trying to break out.
This doesn't stop Helen going quietly stir-crazy on the cooking sherry - but the Webbers remain a dedicated suburban subterranean family, raising their son Adam (Brendan Fraser) to be a well-educated, polite young man, whose only fault is putting his elbows on the table during mealtime.
Perhaps it's the thought of all that time she's missed that is making Camille go a little bit stir-crazy cooped up in the house.
It seems they got stir-crazy in South Africa so lessons must be learned.
John Terry (above) complained the England players were going stir-crazy, with little to do in their free time, but King Leruo hit back, saying: "I think there's more than enough to do here, so you'll have to ask John Terry about that.
Bars and restaurants were packed as football-mad Argentina went stir-crazy.
Perhaps the idea of the Belgian prison guards is not so stir-crazy after all.
The downside of being in Beaujolais is players are a little stir-crazy, similar to 1990, when they were at the Italian Olympic training facility in Tirrenia, Italy, which resembled a military base.