stir around

stir something around

to agitate or mix a liquid substance by moving it in a circular motion. stir the mixture around to mix it up. You should stir the dressing around a bit before you serve it.
See also: around, stir
References in classic literature ?
The sick man was given something to drink, there was a stir around him, then the people resumed their places and the service continued.
Japan's success has caused a stir around the rugbyloving world and in their homeland, where the usual national sports have been knocked off the back pages.
He's been causing quite a stir around here - all the kids from the area have been round to visit him.
Cook over a medium heat until the onion is just beginning to brown, throw in the greens - kale/spring greens are lovely at the moment and soon runner beans will be coming into season, stir around and add the cooked meat
The mystery caused quite a stir around many a dinner table and coffee shop here in Clinton.
A Simply fry some cold cooked rice in hot oil in a wok and then add in some beaten egg and stir around the wok.
What your gran would like is how easy it is to drive slowly or fast and with so much torque you don't have to stir around the six-speed box, hunting for the right ratio.
36 Jamie Jones caused a real stir around Sheffield last week when dumping out 2005 Crucible king Shaun Murphy.
Gingrich's comments immediately caused a stir around the world.
Harold Camping's message of May 21 'End of the World' has caused a stir around the world.
The young designers put on a spectacular fashion parade, modelling their own creations and caused quite a stir around the school.
In what's caused a stir around Mamzar Park, Al Ahli have also acquired the services of their derby rival's defender Abdulaziz Haikel from Shabab.
The launch of the design competition that crowned Make - one of the UK's foremost architectural firms founded by Ken Shuttleworth, the winning design team in 2005 - started the public thinking about the possibilities of The Cube, and even the excavation of the 20-metre hole caused a stir around the building before a brick was even laid.