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To help ensure the curriculum has the biggest impact to decrease instances of girl-to-girl bullying, Secret Mean Stinks will support its national dissemination in an effort to be implemented for the 2013/2014 school year.
As we looked to grow the Secret Mean Stinks movement, we saw the need for a dynamic resource that offered girls tools, expert and peer advice and inspiration to turn the tide of mean behavior and help to spread kindness," says John Sebastian, Associate Marketing Director, P&G Personal Care.
Nagle) seeks to deviously use Mr Stink to further her ambitions on becoming PM.
I am excited to be a part of Secret's Mean Stinks program," says Amber Riley.
MR STINK the hilarious new children's novel by David Walliams, pounds 12.
cy Director Gail Adams states Birmingham "still stinks of urine".
A mystery stench is causing a stink in Cardiff Bay.
Secret Deodorant Steps up Their Battle against Bullying - Announces Demi Lovato as New Mean Stinks Ambassador and Creates a Year-Long Anti-Bullying Program (Photo: Business Wire)
If it's a pile of s*** then it will stink and if it stinks then I would like it to sink without trace.
I AM not a believer of conspiracy theories but this whole Lockerbie story stinks.
DELEGATES at a high-level conference in Birmingham were stunned when a senior Home Office chief told them that the city STINKS of urine.
You couldn't find a better community anywhere else and to say Splott stinks was disgusting.
The brainchild of Morrison Entertainment Group (MEG), Stink Blasters are figures endowed with their namesake stinks -- from Dog Breath Danny and Sweat Sox Sammy to Tony Anchovy and Rotten Egg Reggie.
TWILIGHT star Robert Pattinson has dismissed rumours that he stinks.
Pryor must think: What if this team stinks for the next decade, no matter how many Cy Young and MVP awards I rack up?