stinking drunk

stinking (drunk)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. He was really stinking.
See also: drunk, stinking
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Bryant joked -- at least it seemed like he was joking -- that the only cure for a loss like the Lakers' defeat in Game 4 was to get stinking drunk.
Now it is a totally different situation, the extra drinking hours mean drinkers now think the only way to have a good time is to get stinking drunk.
And they sing dozens of songs as they fall off their chairs, literally stinking drunk.
One time I went overboard and I came in absolutely stinking drunk.
I ended my work day with a stop at the old watering hole; I got stinking drunk while playing the role of a tough guy, but that only lasted for a little while.
He'd come home stinking drunk, with his shirt hanging open, as if he'd been with another woman.
NO sympathy whatsoever for those guys who got stinking drunk on their flight to Greece.
An onlooker said: "He had quite a few glasses and was well on his way to being stinking drunk by the time he left.
These people hadn't been eating properly for weeks and it was their first taste of alcohol, they get stinking drunk to say the least.
YOU know when you're stinking drunk when nobody likes you, you're loud, you're sloppy, your breath reeks, and no one wants to see your tattoos.
They were absolutely stinking drunk, but having a great laugh.
She only escaped rape by stinking drunk Glitter because she fell into a "cocoon" of sheets, she told jurors.
in Act II, suggests a Canio/Pagliaccio who's stinking drunk, though nothing in Springer's acting or singing communicated that.