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He stingingly condemned "this pride and loss beyond the law caused by the viceroy's obedience to God and king.
Quest's rendition of the Clinton campaign in particular, reported by Mark Miller, is stingingly accurate and prescient.
I visited on the filthiest of days with sheets of stingingly hostile rain hammering down from a menacing grey sky.
It was an English rebuke, indirect but implacable, a stingingly subtle request that this oddly dressed American kept her views to herself.
For a final encore, Beck returned to the stage solo (that hazy spotlight again) for a breathtaking rendition of ``Nobody's Fault But My Own'' -- a song written for 1998's ``Mutations'' but stingingly appropriate to his current state of hurt.
Thinking about her elemental poems, which are so cheeky and rash, so stingingly honest, impertinent, and deathward-leaning, so filled with mordant wit and comic desperation ("learn too that being comical," she explains in a poem about Jesus, "does not ameliorate the desperation"), I keep wanting to adapt something Randall Jarrell once wrote about Walt Whitman.
Some of his literary gestures work less well than others here--the plot-heavy take on character actor Bob Balaban's repetitious roles is repetitious, for instance, and the photos that speckle the book are less interesting aesthetically and thematically than they might be (with the exception of one very funny collage-text)--but in large part this is a breathtakingly intelligent project of confession and appropriation textured with electric insights, glassy prose, and a cool, dry, arch irony about David Shields's favorite subject, David Shields, a character at once stingingly self-aware and painfully forlorn: "I don't know what's the matter with me--why I'm an adept only at distance, why I feel so remote from things, why life feels like a rumor.
I think underneath it all he's a guy that wouldn't harm anybody, but he's kind of got ideas above his station, and he thinks he's perhaps more attractive and more fun than he is a with more personality than he actually has, '' she says stingingly.
Add a bull whip and you'll have a recipe for a stingingly sexy new love life.