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Before very long Dona Rita and Blunt rejoined us and we sat down around the table; but before we could begin to talk a dramatically sudden ring at the front door stilled our incipient animation.
Tenderness welled in her heart and stilled its pain.
The second challenge came; and then a shot that shrieked as it came and then was stilled suddenly by impact.
She seemed stilled, almost alarmed, at what had occurred, while the novelty, unpremeditation, mastery of circumstance disquieted him--palpitating, contemplative being that he was.
Meanwhile, the first cravings of his stomach having been stilled, Gringoire felt some false shame at perceiving that nothing remained but one apple.
Is it by such a hand as thine that the gentlest heart that ever beat is stilled in death?
He stilled it by reflecting that Helen was overwrought, and he was upheld in this opinion by his obstinate sense that she was opposed to him in the argument.
They began the verse, but they never finished it, for another sound broke in and stilled them.