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stigmatize someone as something

to brand or label someone as something. The opposition will try to stigmatize you as a spendthrift. Tony was stigmatized as a poor loser.
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In examining Somali immigrants in Toronto, Kusow (2004) demonstrated how they were able to counter the stigma of being "Black" by not only disavowing their own stigma but also by stigmatizing those who stigmatize them.
Within news coverage, framing elements such as overt metaphors, exemplars, depictions, and visual images can serve to stigmatize a disease (Gamson & Modigliani, 1989).
It is also considered politically incorrect to use hurtful language against members of identifiable groups, and to stigmatize, exclude and alienate them.
The church did not stigmatize sodomy with distinctive horror and hostility.
Collective decisions to stigmatize some behaviors, such as smoking cigarettes and using illicit drugs, actually benefit public health, he points out.
Here, too, traits at the sub-individual level are less likely than before to be raised to master status and stigmatize the person as abnormal.
Despite those advances, he warned that some alcohol opponents want to stigmatize all drinking.
The guidelines provide comprehensive scientific information about the believed prevalence, causes and impacts of ADHD, and highlight a number of areas in which commonly held misperceptions about the disorder stigmatize those who have been diagnosed with it.
These organizations have worried that a focus on psychological ills would stigmatize refugee groups and discourage host countries from letting them in, says Westermeyer, who treats refugees living in the Minneapolis area.
Although ritual combat was deemed a civilizing replacement for brawls and feuds, a larger cultural and political process emerged to stigmatize duels and other staged combats.
Evidence of higher crime rates among mentally retarded persons living independently should not be used to stigmatize this population as inherently delinquent, the researchers maintain.
It's about the use of homophobic behavior to stigmatize any man who doesn't meet gender stereotypes for masculinity," she said.
So Assemblyman Gil Cedillo feels that identifying the licensee as an illegal alien, as our governor will require, will stigmatize the licensee.
which owns the field laboratory, is against the proposed requirement, charging it unfairly would stigmatize the surrounding property as presumably contaminated.
The court held that disclosure of lists of federal inmates lists would be an unreasonable invasion of privacy because some federal inmates were "merely witnesses or detainees who had not be charged with crimes and releasing their names would stigmatize them and cause irreparable damage to their reputations.