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stick someone with someone or something

to burden someone with someone or something. The dishonest merchant stuck me with a faulty television set. John stuck me with his talkative uncle and went off with his friends.
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stick with somebody/something

to continue to be closely involved with someone or something Stick with me, and we'll do lots of interesting things. Once Stephen takes up a hobby, he sticks with it.
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stick somebody with somebody/something

to force someone to do something or to have responsibility for someone She claims that big power companies cut costs and stick their customers with high prices. They go out dancing and stick me with the baby.
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stick with

Continue to support or be faithful to, as in They stuck with us through all our difficulties. [Colloquial; early 1900s]
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stick with

1. To stay with or remain loyal to someone or something: Stick with the person who has the map so you don't get lost. My friends stuck with me through the entire ordeal.
2. To remain consistent or loyal in one's behavior concerning something: He offered to loan me a chain saw, but I stuck with my ax.
3. To adhere to some plan; keep at something: The pianist stuck with the song until she had mastered it.
4. To remain in someone's thoughts or memory: That poem stuck with her, and she used it in a speech years later.
5. To give someone something or someone that is unwanted: My friends left the bar and stuck me with the bill. The dealer stuck us with shoddy merchandise that we can't sell. Our team got stuck with the worst player in the entire school.
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Today we associate the walking stick with the elderly but on the farm the stick was needed for walking and for controlling stock.
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