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Please stick to your guns and prevent any new restaurant/cafeteria from putting tables on the pavements outside their premises.
Stick To Your Guns performs with The Amity Affliction, Being As An Ocean, '68, In Hearts Wake, Fight To Survive, Mirrors, With Hearts of Glass and Strike Hard at 4 p.
He's going to be upset however you do it, so you have to stick to your guns no matter how much he pleads with you.
So, if you want to stick to your guns, try the heavycropping Bingo variety, which you can produce in containers.
We need car-free city centre streets, so please stick to your guns, Cardiff council.
I don't much like it, but sometimes you just have to stick to your guns.
So stick to your guns and never allow anyone to browbeat you into doing anything, sexual or otherwise, about which you do not feel completely comfortable.
The Arteries' Stick To Your Guns, meanwhile, seems positively tame by comparison.
My dad told me to always stand up for what you believe, to stick to your guns, and speak your mind,'' said Wilson's son, Roy Reggie, recalling his dad's advice as the moral to his near-death brush with fate.
Stick to your guns Doug, make it pounds 135 million or no deal.
Winds of Plague performs with Stick to Your Guns, Sleeping Giant, Oceano, Circle of Contempt and Acaro at 6:30 p.
It's one of those things where you have to stick to your guns, and if you're going to go with it, go with it,'' Lo Duca said.
She said: "I say stick to your guns on the first date and don't give in to his charms.
Jo W, London Dear Jo If you like the name Walter, you really have to stick to your guns - you'll only regret it if you change a name just because of other people's opinions.