stick to

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stick to someone or something

1. Lit. to adhere to someone or something; to remain affixed to someone or something. The tape stuck to me and I couldn't get it off. This stamp won't stick to the envelope.
2. Fig. to continue to accompany someone or something. stick to me and I'll lead you out of here. stick to the group of us, and you'll be okay.
3. Fig. to continue to use or employ someone or something. I'll stick to Jill. she does a good job and she's my friend. We decided to stick to our present supplier.
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stick to something

to follow or continue with something without changing it Would you stick to the point, please? It's going to be hard to stick to the schedule with this much work.
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stick to

1. Remain loyal; see stick by.
2. Persist in or continue applying oneself to, as in I'm sticking to my opinion that he's basically honest, or The music teacher told John to stick to the clarinet, at least until the end of the year . [First half of 1500s] Also see stick to one's guns; stick to one's last.
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stick to

1. To tend to remain in contact with and attached to something: Peanut butter sticks to the top of your mouth.
2. To adhere to some plan and not deviate from it: The writer stuck to her original idea when her friends made other suggestions. We stuck to the main roads and avoided any dark alleys. You should stick to doing what you know best.
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On one hand, these molecules often stick to surfaces where they don't belong, fouling contact lenses or leading to clots in artificial blood vessels, implanted valves and otehr biomedical devices.
They found that these merozoites divided to form a group of new merozoites that could stick to 10 different cell adhesion molecules.
This makes the infected red cells stick to uninfected red cells and to the walls of tiny veins, preventing infected cells from being swept into the spleen.
Jim Noble, who needs the stick to get around, was helping at the Huddersfield Railway Modellers annual open day at Stonefield Mills at Tanyard Road in Milnsbridge on Saturday .
net will send a USB memory stick to the first 50 paid users in the U.
net users simply connect their USB memory stick to most any Windows-based PC, and open the secure, self-contained Mobility Email program to send and receive messages.
I don't worry about it,'' McSorley said, ``but I know there were extenuating circumstances that surrounded that penalty, and I know people do not call for a stick to be measured unless they are sure it is illegal.
They took Marty's stick to be measured,'' broadcaster Bob Miller said, ``and (commentator) Jim Fox just put his head in his hands, because he knew it was illegal.
Lexar Media's high-speed controller technology can increase the read/write speed of the Memory Stick to make it the best suited media in the digital network era.
The two companies signed definitive agreements formalizing their previously announced Memorandum of Understanding that Lexar Media will license its controller technology to Sony with the goal of improving the read/write speed of the Memory Stick to download transfer 64 megabytes of data in less than ten seconds.