stick down

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stick something down

to fasten something down, as with glue or paste. Get some glue and stick down this wallpaper, please. stick this wallpaper down, would you?
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She added that seconds later she slammed the glue stick down hard, telling the boy and other pupils what she was going to do.
It's not really something we should be wasting too much time on considering you could chuck a stick down any smalltown high street and hit at least a dozen.
And complaints were made that envelopes delivered to voters in Gwynedd and Denbighshire would not stick down, raising fears that ballot papers could be lost or be tampered with.
I've had some stick down the years but it doesn't bother me.
But Giguere lunged back to get his stick down just in time to stop a low shot.
If you have any uncovered contact paper, stick down a square of coloured tissue paper, or sprinkle it with glitter.
A police source said: "Sir Denis had only put his stick down for a matter of minutes while he sat down to fill out a form.
One case involves an Atlanta-area woman who joined with her lesbian partner in a Vermont civil union last summer, hoping recognition of her relationship would stick down South.
If you buy a vinyl paper buy a tube of overlap adhesive to stick down overlapping edges.
A jury at Swansea Crown Court heard yesterday that seconds earlier the child, now aged 12, who has behavioural problems, had banged the glue stick down on a table in a temper fit.
The nine-year-old tried to ram a stick down his own throat after he was told to ''go away and kill himself'' by one of his tormentors.
Bear that in mind the next time a rider of a 6-1 shot, well supported each-way, puts his stick down, drops his hands and finishes fifth.
Speaking on ITV's Loose Women, she told how she was ready to settle down for the night and her maid of honour removed tape that had been used to stick down her bra.
Anything you stick down the barrel is capable of being shot,'' Valdemar said.
A 48-YEAR-OLD man is facing a life sentence today after a jury heard how he pushed a walking stick down the throat of a grandfather.