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mod. tipsy; alcohol intoxicated. Poor Fred was half-stewed and still had to give a speech.

stewed to the gills

and stewed to the ears
mod. alcohol intoxicated. When I get stewed to the gills, I usually fall asleep, right then and there. Here’s old Charlie—stewed to the ears, as always.
See also: gill, stewed

stewed to the ears

See also: ear, stewed

stewed (up)

and stew
mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also stew (sense 1).) The kid was stewed up and scared to death of what his parents were going to do to him.
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References in classic literature ?
These young buds, stewed, seemed to posess an encouraging nutrition.
At Farnham he stopped to view the Bishop's Castle and to partake of a light dinner of stewed eels, veal cutlets, and French beans, with a bottle of claret.
However, I killed a she-goat, and with much difficulty got it home, and broiled some of it, and ate, I would fain have stewed it, and made some broth, but had no pot.
I never could find out any difference between a party at Boston and a party in London, saving that at the former place all assemblies are held at more rational hours; that the conversation may possibly be a little louder and more cheerful; and a guest is usually expected to ascend to the very top of the house to take his cloak off; that he is certain to see, at every dinner, an unusual amount of poultry on the table; and at every supper, at least two mighty bowls of hot stewed oysters, in any one of which a half-grown Duke of Clarence might be smothered easily.
Bounderby to discuss the flavour of the hap'orth of stewed eels he had purchased in the streets at eight years old; and also of the inferior water, specially used for laying the dust, with which he had washed down that repast.
The recipes she shares include how to cook various parts of the pig from the router to the tooter ; other meat dishes, including everything from stewed turkey wings and pot roast to a Low Country boil; what Tyson calls stone soul sides, including crackling cornbread, hoecakes, and, of course, different kinds of greens; soups and stews including oxtail and fish head stew and Everything in It Vegetable Soup ; and desserts to sell your soul for.
The meat is lean and tough - but cooks into an extremely tender meal when stewed.
You can miss them out and add something else, such as chicken or a cut of meat that can be stewed.
When asked by the "be monitor" organization what types of stewed foods respondents eat most frequently, the top three, with almost equal votes, were sukiyaki, with 459 votes; yosenabe (seafood), with 457 and yudofu (boiled tofu), with 445.
Thursday: Roast pork, sweet potatoes, stewed tomatoes, garden salad, fruit cocktail.