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Stepping Up participants were divided into two cohorts based on the number of college years they had already completed.
Like many alternative programs, Stepping Up provided a crash course in education.
Organizations can also easily integrate Stepping Up to Management with existing courses for new managers, providing tools and activities to extend learning beyond the classroom setting.
Stepping Up to Management includes facilitation guides to support a blended learning approach.
Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP) eLearning, the highly regarded publisher of premier leadership and management development programs, today announced the availability of Stepping Up to Management.
Stepping Up to Management is a program to help managers learn important skills while performing the tasks of their job.
7 has 4 stepping out and receiving the pass, then snapping the ball back to 3, who has quickly stepped in for the pass from 4.
9 shows 3 stepping in for a hand-back from 4 and driving to the attack side.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval is designed to make it easier for physicians to treat longer coronary lesions (blockages) by incorporating an automatic stepping function.
The throwing action is a seamless part of the fielding action, with the player crow-hopping with his back foot and then stepping directly toward the target with the left (front) foot.