steer toward

steer something toward someone or something

to guide something in the direction of someone or something. The farmer steered the tractor toward the sheriff, who had come to talk to the farmer. Please steer the car toward the right side.
See also: steer, toward

steer toward someone or something

to turn or drive toward someone or something. He steered toward the empty parking space, but someone got there before he did. steer toward the house with the red door.
See also: steer, toward
References in classic literature ?
Very well; now steer toward the wharf where the big ship with the queer flag is.
A sampling of specific topics: melancholic ethics and narrative agency in Fae Myenne Ng's Bone and Steer Toward Rock; visibility, gender, and liberation through the Soviet gaze; 9/11 and the need for spectacle; and the loss of tragedy in contemporary performance art.
Sharks use their sense of smell to steer toward a patch of odor.
Steer toward low-fat options like the milk and yogurt used in our panna cottas (at left).
It's much easier to steer toward a positive financial destiny if you grab control of your finances, watch where you're going, and follow a well-informed, personalized plan.
Both incarnations of Mattachine inspire various local chapters around the country, some of which steer toward more militant measures by the early 1960s.
The trick--and, of course, there is a trick--is not only to sample these foods in moderation but also to steer toward those that derive a large proportion of their calories from monounsaturated fats.
Most often anglers rely on spotters to track a marlin through high-powered binoculars and then steer toward its high dorsal fin.
Once we turn away from the North Star of objective reality or historical necessity and steer toward the idea that consciousness is largely a subjective matter, say critics, there is nothing to keep us from becoming lost in a destructive solipsism, like Kurtz in Heart of Darkness: "He had kicked himself loose of the earth.
Since NOMAD is attracted to light, it will steer toward a block and pick it up.
Howard said the ship's captain had decided to steer toward Christmas Island after refugees went on a hunger strike and threatened to jump overboard if they did not receive medical attention.
It gives us access to a large and growing audience of motivated consumers whom we can either sell directly to or steer toward brick-and-mortar stores with whom we partner.
Nicolle Morgan needed time to compose herself at Leeds Crown Court after she told the jury she saw a car "like steer towards him".
Nawaz had expressed hope that this phase will pass and Pakistan will steer towards prosperity.