steer a middle course

steer a middle course

To take a moderate approach, as opposed to using extreme measures. Sir, I think you need to avoid making any inflammatory statements on this issue and steer a middle course instead.
See also: course, middle, steer

steer (or take) a middle course

adopt a policy which avoids extremes.
See also: course, middle, steer

follow/steer/take a middle ˈcourse


find, etc. a/the middle ˈway

follow, find, etc. a plan that is halfway between two opposing plans; compromise: Kate wanted to stay for the rest of the week, and I wanted to leave straight away, so in the end we followed a middle course and stayed a couple of days.In politics you often have to steer a middle course. OPPOSITE: go to extremes
See also: course, follow, middle, steer, take
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Hoffmann states that Erasmus took his clue from the orthodox Fathers and sought to steer a middle course between over-allegorizing and under-allegorizing, but he does not note that Erasmus frequently criticizes even his favorite Fathers, Origen, Jerome and Ambrose, for straying too far from the letter in their fanciful exegeses.
But in political and legal terms, the new guidelines represent the administration's attempt to steer a middle course on an issue Republicans seized on after their landslide victory in 1994.
It's a judgment call, and we try to steer a middle course.