steel against

steel someone against someone or something

to fortify someone against someone or something; to prepare someone to endure someone or something. I tried to steel Liz against Carl, who was bringing her some very bad news. We steeled her against the bad news.
See also: steel
References in classic literature ?
Just as they reached it there came from the interior a confusion of the most appalling sounds--the clash of weapons, steel against steel, sharp explosions as of firearms, shrieks of women, groans and the curses of men in combat
Twas steel against wood, and they made a terrible clattering when they came together.
He shoved, and shoved hard, till the grating of the steel against the locked teeth could be distinctly heard.
Round went the busily revolving machinery, kept in motion by the scissor-grinder's foot, and wore away the hard steel against the hard stone, whence issued an intense and spiteful prolongation of a hiss as fierce as those emitted by Satan and his compeers in Pandemonium, though squeezed into smaller compass.
Tenders are invited for Renewal Of Furniture Steel Against Ber Furniture Under Ge Af Bangalore
I've got a feeling we might see their inner steel against Saracens.
Egypt has been considering imposing tariffs since late last year to protect domestic steel against competition from imports.
The home minister was also informed that neither did the police bother to get hold of the report on an internal enquiry conducted by TATA Steel into Charudatta's suicide nor were they aware of the actions taken by TATA Steel against its two officials -- vice president Partha Sengupta was asked to go and corporate affairs head Prabhat Sharma was shifted to general administration department.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers applied a protecting layer to increase the resistance of stainless steel against corrosion in corrosive environments such as human body.
The Poland goalkeeper was overrun five days ago as Liverpool overpowered the Londoners at Anfield, but the Gunners rediscovered their defensive steel against a United side who themselves looked better-organised that in their 2-2 home draw with bottom side Fulham last time out.
Dimetcote inorganic zinc primers are designed for protection of carbon steel against corrosion.
Dr Nagi says concrete itself provides a decent method for protecting steel against corrosion.
Cardiffian Diggy Bird played as a replacement for Llanelli at Newport on Friday and was fly-half for Tata Steel against Pontypool on Saturday.
Bogie's boys lacked steel against the Iron and five defeats from the last eight league games has left them off the pace in the race for the play-offs.
In the first nine months of 2011, 83 per cent of total finished goods were produced from Emirates Steel's own manufactured steel against 51 per cent only in the same period in 2010," Al Ameri added.