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steaming (mad)

Fig. very angry; very mad; very upset. The steaming coach yelled at the clumsy players. The principal was steaming mad when he found that his office had been vandalized.
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How your eyes will glisten at sight of the white table-cloth and steaming dishes then
The Americans had strung out in the modern fashion at distances of thirty miles or so, and were steaming to keep themselves between the Germans and either the eastern states or Panama; because, vital as it was to defend the seaboard cities and particularly New York, it was still more vital to save the canal from any attack that might prevent the return of the main fleet from the Pacific.
The red glow Bert had seen through the column of clouds came from the luckless Susquehanna; she lay almost immediately below, burning fore and aft, but still fighting two of her guns and steaming slowly southward.
Then, with an immense rushing sound, bearing as it were a straggling volley of crashing minor explosions on its back, the Susquehanna, three miles and more now to the east, blew up and vanished abruptly in a boiling, steaming welter.
On to Madagascar, steaming four knots by the supercargo's orders, and the suspicion forming that the Russian fleet might want the coal.
Very tired," replied Pride, seating himself on a stone by the wayside and mopping his steaming brow.
I had to keep guessing at the channel; I had to discern, mostly by inspiration, the signs of hidden banks; I watched for sunken stones; I was learning to clap my teeth smartly before my heart flew out, when I shaved by a fluke some infernal sly old snag that would have ripped the life out of the tin-pot steamboat and drowned all the pilgrims; I had to keep a look-out for the signs of dead wood we could cut up in the night for next day's steaming.
Eight miles meant nearly three hours' steaming for us, and I could also see suspicious ripples at the upper end of the reach.
Then there was the music of the rattling harness, and the ring of the horses' feet on the hard road, and the glare of the two bright lamps through the steaming hoar frost, over the leaders' ears, into the darkness, and the cheery toot of the guard's horn, to warn some drowsy pikeman or the hostler at the next change; and the looking forward to daylight; and last, but not least, the delight of returning sensation in your toes.
Bob's reappearance with a steaming jug broke off the conversation.
Sometimes known as vaginal steaming (or v-steaming), yoni steaming is a gentle but effective treatment that has been successfully used by women worldwide for centuries to help reduce or eliminate discomfort associated with menstruation.
Steam packaging has a double-layered film that does not interfere with the food whilst steaming.
Compared to normal steaming at 100[degrees]C, the pressure steaming at 150[degrees]C reduced twist by over 25 percent, but there was no additional twist reduction from extending the pressure steaming duration from 0.
We tried cryogenics, burning the paint off, and steaming it off before we developed this," he says.