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by stealth

In an undetected way; silently and secretly. The cat burglar entered the office by stealth, and the only evidence he was there was the missing document.
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A slang term for the act in which a male removes a condom during sexual intercourse without his partner's knowledge or consent. So-called "stealthing" is sexual assault, period.
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As a result of this partnership, Stealth Industry has created a large selection of pre-designed Chick-fil-A[R] products and solutions.
The new look for the Razer Blade Stealth gives it a more professional feel and seems more at home in an office environment.
The goals for designing a stealth based jet fighter are relatively simple when you consider the several limitations of such designs.
Unisys is pleased to add interoperability with Azure to our Stealth offerings, giving enterprises unparalleled security, greater controls, and lower costs with increased operational efficiency when working with Azure.
Stealth products are ideal for demanding applications within the Industrial, Commercial, Scientific Research, Military, Marine, Public Safety, Utility, Transportation, Mining and Telecommunications markets.
Today, stealth, like RPG, is a genre that has been co-opted by plenty of games that don't belong to the genre but do rely quite a bit on stealth elements.
As for its stealth characteristics, the plane gleamed and reflected light from its highly polished surfaces.
The company said that the new 64GB versions of the Stealth M-Series and Stealth MXP Bio devices will be ideally suited to government customers requiring high capacity devices for Secure USB Desktops such as the Stealth ZONE Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard Edition, a secure desktop which allows the user to boot Microsoft Windows from a Stealth USB device.
Gaining a better understanding of these stealth restatements is important to regulators, auditors, and investors because of the explosion of restatements since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), as well as the fact that the percentage of restatements classified as stealth restatements has increased each year since 2005.
You're likely to be in this stealth mode for six to 18 months.
I FIRST BECAME AWARE of the stealth metaphor when I read about stealth telephone towers.
WHEN THE B-2 STEALTH BOMBER MADE its wartime debut last March 24 in the skies over Yugoslavia, the Pentagon's hype machine went into overdrive.
In another excellent paper published in 1998, Metson et al compared the InstaTrak system with the Stealth Station system (Sofamor Danek; Memphis, Tenn.
When stealth aircraft became operational, the position was: "Its radar cross section is too low for it to be killed.
The term stealth candidate was first coined by the coalition's executive director, Ralph Reed, to refer to a political unknown with no previous record who conceals his or her radical religious support and loyalty.