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When he had thus said the Erinyes stayed his speech, and Achilles answered him in great sadness, saying, "Why, O Xanthus, do you thus foretell my death?
That proportion steadily dropped through the decades until 1999, when only 23 percent of moms stayed at home.
Tourists stayed in tourist accommodations on average four days, the longest in health (spa) resorts On average, in 2012 domestic tourists stayed in tourist accommodations 3.
1 : to remain after others have gone <She stayed after the party to help.
Another visitor, Sam (Kun Feng), 12, who stayed with a different Sherman Oaks family, noticed that both countries ring in the Chinese New Year with a bang, but each in a different way.
7 million days stayed were attributable to a primary diagnosis of mental illness in 2002-2003.
Census Bureau estimated only 143,000 dads stayed at home with their children while their spouse worked in 2005, out of 26.
We've stayed open that long (in the past) with less snow.
Citing a "white space" that Starwood is filling with the introduction of aloft Hotels and "Project ESW" Heyer said that one million Starwood guests have stayed in an extended stay hotel in the last year, enough to support over 150 "Project ESW" hotels each and every night.