stay with

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stay with someone or something

to remain in the company of someone or something. Please stay with me for a little while. How long did you stay with the company?
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stay with

1. Remain in one's mind or memory, as in That song has stayed with me all these years. [Late 1500s]
2. Keep up with; also, concentrate on, continue with. For example, The runner from Kenya stayed with Mark almost to the finish line, or She has an amazing talent for staying with a problem. [Late 1800s] Also see stick with.
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stay with

1. To remain next to or in attendance of someone or something: Stay with the suitcases while I check the train schedule.
2. To remain or sojourn as someone's guest or lodger: I'm staying with my brother until I find an apartment.
3. To adhere to some plan; keep at something: I played piano for a couple of years, but I couldn't stay with it.
4. To match some competitor or perceived competitor: I tried to stay with the lead runner, but she was just too fast.
5. To remain in one's thoughts or memory: That poem has stayed with me since I first heard it.
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stay with (one)

To remain in one's memory; not be forgotten: That kind of compliment stays with you for years.
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References in classic literature ?
It is very cold here," he said; "but I will stay with you for one night, and be your messenger.
I will stay with you one night longer," said the Swallow, "but I cannot pluck out your eye.
You are blind now," he said, "so I will stay with you always.
I will stay with you always," said the Swallow, and he slept at the Prince's feet.
After waiting awhile, she went to Mother Holle and said, 'I am so homesick, that I cannot stay with you any longer, for although I am so happy here, I must return to my own people.
Rappaport then asked if a Russian boy could stay with them, too.
After five days, the Austrian girl left to stay with her host family.
When he turned 10, he told the judge he wanted to stay with us permanently.
The holidays are a time for connecting with family and friends, and having a comfortable place to stay with a great value makes the trip even more rewarding," said Judy Christa-Cathey, vice president - brand marketing for Hampton.
To redeem the software offers, guests will mail an order form along with proof of their paid stay with an American Express card.
Members will receive a 10 percent bonus after the first Double Dip stay (50 bonus miles), a 20 percent bonus with the second stay, a 30 percent bonus with the third stay, and progressively higher bonuses for each additional Double Dip stay with no limit as to how high the bonus can go.
With each of them, our members will benefit from the opportunity to earn both HHonors points and airline mileage when they stay with Hilton.
To double Double Dip during the promotion, members simply charge a business rate stay with their American Express Card or Hilton Optima Card and request HHonors points and airline miles with the participating airline of their choice at check-in.