stay back

stay back (from someone or something)

To maintain a distance from someone or something, especially for safety reasons. Often used as an order. Make sure you stay back from that cliff—one gust of wind could send you flying right over the edge! The children always try to stay back from the scary old man who lived on the corner of their neighborhood. Stay back—Tom is still really contagious!
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stay back (from something)

to keep one's distance from someone or something. Stay back from the lawn mower! This is dangerous. Stay back!
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stay back

1. To refrain from approaching. Used chiefly as a command: Stay back!—I've got a knife.
2. To repeat a grade level in school: The teacher suggested that our child stay back a year.
See also: back, stay
References in classic literature ?
She told Toto and Billina to stay back while she slowly advanced toward the group that stood silently awaiting her.
In token of this, a great many doors were opening and shutting, two or three people stood irresolutely on the stairs, now going a few steps up, and now a few steps down, and Sir Francis himself had come out from his study, with the "Times" under his arm, and a complaint about noise and draughts from the open door which, at least, had the effect of bundling the people who did not want to go into the carriage, and sending those who did not want to stay back to their rooms.
The Government should reverse its soft and friendly policies towards the illegal immigrants and there should be a massive action to expel them fromPakistanas they had no right to stay back inPakistanon any pretext.
Summary: He had asked her to stay back after office hours.
As per reports, VP Naidu who was at AIIMS for his routine checkup has been asked by the doctors to stay back at the hospital as his Blood Pressure and sugar were high.
The official reason being given is that Kumble is required to stay back for the ICC 'Annual Conference' as he is the chairman of the Cricket Committee in-charge of taking a call on laws and regulations of the game.
The diminutive player had an offer on table to make a move back to Brazil, but decided to stay back and assist Al Ahli in their ambitions for an AFC Champions League, among other competitions, his coach has said.
ef222fd849b7) the Washington Post reported that the Obamas would stay back in the capital once he leaves office so that Sasha can finish high school.
Elswick ward councillor Dipu Ahad was at the scene and officers told him to stay back in case he was hit by a missile.
Global Banking News-January 12, 2016--HSBC could stay back in London
I had to stay back at the office with my colleagues on Tuesday night.
Batra also accused Walsh of showing 'no concern' for the team after he refused to stay back for the Champions Trophy despite the federation's request.
The marines, who had allegedly shot dead two Indian fishermen in the Arabian Sea last year, said they were happy to stay back in Italy and join work.
However, in the same year nearly 1,800 illegal immigrants (of all nationalities) were allowed to stay back, with their immigration status regularized, because they had been in the UK for more than 14 years.
Anuradha Vobbilisetty, President of the Telugu Shravanthi Association in Sharjah, said more than half of the inmates convicted for minor offences are expected to stay back.