stay abreast of

stay abreast of something

to have the most recent information about something keep abreast of something Regional conferences provide the opportunity for everyone to stay abreast of the latest developments in our field of research.
Related vocabulary: up to speed
See also: abreast, of, stay
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Stay abreast of trends and changes by attending trade meetings, reading business publications, and communicating with colleagues in the field.
And trying to stay abreast of the latest trash talking from Odalis Perez, when does Ned Colletti hand him and Toby Hall a Greyhound ticket to Yankee Stadium in exchange for peace and quiet?
The EDB was particularly impressed with the scope of TEI activities, noting that the government must stay abreast of international developments if it is to maintain its competitiveness.
The best defense to protect against malpractice claims is to implement proper risk management practices, stay abreast of legal developments, and purchase errors and omissions coverage.
The monthly is dedicated to "helping healthcare organizations and patient financial services (PFS) directors and managers capitalize on revenue opportunities and improve the bottom line, reduce denied claims, and stay abreast of payer rules," according to its editor, Lori Levans.
By inviting others in the industry you increase the networking opportunities, stay abreast of industry changes and call hear about new ideas.
M-H vice president Timothy Corcoran said the magazine "will help in-house counsel stay abreast of trends in corporate legal management and stay in touch with what is on the minds of their peers around the world.
To help practitioners, researchers, and patients stay abreast of new developments, the site offers recent news items and ATA press releases on subjects including advances in thyroid treatment and announcements from such organizations as the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Pediatrics.
asp) was designed to help members stay abreast of Sarbanes-related proposals from federal regulators other than the SEC and PCAOB.
The VSM service also supports internal quality-improvement plans; allows administrators to stay abreast of important published articles; and shares forms, templates, protocols and "best practices" of other healthcare organizations.
Given the speed of innovation, it is imperative that records and information management (RIM) professionals stay abreast of information technology advances and the trends they create.
Consumers particularly concerned about privacy can and should make use of free and pay services to anonymize their online activities (See Consumer Comments, September-October 2000) and stay abreast of the policies of websites with which they choose to do business.
On a daily basis, the system's 23,000 users take advantage of LEO's various Web sites and electronic links, as well as its e-mail and distance learning capabilities, to stay abreast of relevant law enforcement issues; to establish or maintain contact with peers, colleagues, or experts in various fields; or to receive training on a wide range of topics.
It's a challenge to stay abreast of technology at the level required in the Silicon Valley area.