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feed a cold, starve a fever

Antiquated advice that suggests that someone with a cold should eat, while someone with a fever should fast. Most health experts now agree that "starving" is not the right course for either malady. My grandmother always said "feed a cold, starve a fever," but it's best to stay properly nourished even when you have a high temperature.
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Feed a cold and starve a fever.

Prov. You should feed someone who has a cold, and withhold food from someone who has a fever.; (or, interpreted differently) If you feed someone who has a cold, that will ward off a fever. Jill: I don't feel like going out to lunch with you. I have a cold. Jane: All the more reason you should get something to eat. Feed a cold and starve a fever, you know.
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starve for some food

to be very hungry for something. I am just starved for some fresh peaches. We were starved for dinner by the time we finally got to eat.
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starve for someone or something

Fig. to have a strong desire or need for someone or something. (Based on starved for some food.) I am starved for Jane. I miss her so! Claire was starved for affection.
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starve (someone or an animal) into something

to force someone or an animal to do something by starvation. The torturers finally starved the prisoner into telling the battle plans. They starved the water buffalo into a state of weakness.
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starve (someone or an animal) out of some place

 and starve someone or an animal out
to force a living creature to come out of a hiding place or a place of security by starvation. The attackers tried to starve the people out of the walled city. We tried to starve out the mice.
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be ˈstarving (for something)

(also be ˈstarved especially American English ) (informal) feel very hungry: When’s dinner? I’m starving!
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starve for

To cause someone or something to suffer from lack of something. Used in the passive: The dog was starved for attention.
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starve of

To deprive someone or something of some resource, resulting in its depletion: Doctors tried to destroy the cancerous cells by starving them of oxygen. The agency has been starved of money by people in Congress who oppose it.
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starve out

To force someone or something to surrender by depriving them of food, as in a siege: The police starved out the criminals, who had refused to leave their apartment. If they refuse to surrender the garrison, we'll just starve them out.
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Let them starve for a bit, surrender and then be put on trial," one regime paramilitary told Mr.
In one interview, Hutton said: "He wasn't being starved, he would starve himself.
He has also noted that "one attraction of tax cuts and deficits is that they starve the government of revenue and thereby promote spending restraint" (Barro 2003).
So when Bush talks about Europeans allowing Africa to starve, it's not because he thinks they won't help Africans grow GM food.
Needless to say we didn't starve and we could sleep at night knowing the rent was paid.
Experimental observations (3) suggest that the extruder channel fills gradually during starve feeding.
Nina Blakemore ate one apple a day - just 80 calories - in a desperate bid to starve herself to a size zero.
Should they starve or freeze to death while sleeping in the park while their appeals are being heard?
Male saiga antelopes starve themselves while protecting their lovers and when they finally breed, die from exhaustion.
And, to be honest, it made me feel powerful that I could ignore their pleas and starve myself.
You allowed your dogs to starve and it was only by chance that one of them was caught just about early enough for it to survive.
As he's said, he wants to starve government ``to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.
Tens of thousands starve to death because North Korea cannot produce enough food for its 24 million people.
IN A society that is paranoid about watching us, it beggars belief that a seven-year-old girl can starve to death and no one noticed.
Who: Starve Ups, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create and sustain successful businesses.