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1. and *jump(start) battery power to help start someone's car, etc. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) My car is stalled. I need to get a start. I got my car going. I got a jump from John.
2. help in beginning one's career; a first opportunity in the beginning of one's career. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) She got a start in show business in Cincinnati. She had a start when she was only four.

start something

to start a fight or an argument. (Something can be replaced by anything or nothing with the negative.) Hey, you! Better be careful unless you want to start something. I don't want to start anything. I'm just leaving.


/light/build a fire under Slang
To urge or goad to action.
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Gieves and Hawkes: Starts 27th, up to 40% off selected lines.
Eight of those in the top 10 qualified in the first eight rows for Sunday's race, set to start at 5 p.
If the burner does not light, wait two seconds for fuel vapors to clear in the boiler and try the START BURNER button again for one second.
In northeastern Ontario, a housing starts and completions survey recorded seven single-detached starts in the four cities for March.
For example, I'd start thinking about a Sauvignon Blanc and would list various cheeses that would go well with it, making sure to include the specific vineyard or producer of the wine, the vintage of the wine, and sometimes, the alcohol content of the wine.
Wait on the ball" refers to the start of the bat, not the start of the stride.
The 350Z Roadster Grand Touring model adds Brembo brakes and standard VDC for both the 6-speed manual configuration, which starts at $40,250, and the 5-speed automatic configuration, which starts at $41,250.
APRIL 4 Beatnik Comedy, The Tron, Edinburgh Starts 8.
Push the STARTER switch to START and the FLAME HEATER switch to ON at the same time.
Combined with the six multi-family units, total housing starts are on track to achieve the year's forecast of 280 units for the Greater Sudbury market.
Instead, Wilson Alvarez will come out of the bullpen to take Perez's start on Wednesday, and the Dodgers likely will promote a pitcher, perhaps Edwin Jackson, to start Saturday.
In 2002, 50 housing starts were active in Sudbury, as opposed to 35 in 2001.
An 11th Seattle-Vancouver, roundtrip starts June 4, and a 12th June 25.