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startle someone out of something

to frighten someone very badly. (The something that may be lost may be expressed as wits, senses, ten years' growth, etc.) The explosion startled Polly out of her senses. I frightened myself out often years' growth.
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To investigate whether response biases were occurring, after this participant had finished her degree requirements and had graduated, she was directly asked if she had been trying to be an ideal subject; she reported that the startle she displayed was authentic and not acting or embellishment.
Children with trauma but partial PTSD still [showed a] significant difference" he said, noting they could reduce their startle response by only 40%, compared with 50%-60% in controls.
For example, in the African butterfly fish, Pantodon buchholzi Peters, the fastest response time to an acoustic startle stimulus recorded on an electromyogram is 5 ms.
The startle reflex is a normal reticular and cortical reflex elicited in newborns and infants, consisting of facial grimacing, blinking and some involuntary movements to a sudden stimulus.
If the resident is hitting because of an exaggerated startle response, the caregiver should approach from the front with a smile, being sure to gain the resident's attention and to precede the physical contact with eye contact.
The startle amplitude was magnified for emotionally negative pictures compared with positive and neutral pictures.
The newly-recognized property will be showcased with all of the 2013 award winners on Startle.
The researchers noted that the startle response was eliminated in students who were given oral propranolol before seeing the picture.
Ambrose the mouse yearns to follow the traditions of his mouse family and help build a gorgeous cathedral, but his daydreams prevent him from practicing the somersaults that startle tired workers and help them stay awake.
Successful cognitive-behavioral therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder also decreases a patient's startle responses, even though the treatment is not designed to address that symptom, Michael G.
Now Beer and Chiel want to make an even more realistic simulation, one that will reenact a complex behavior called the startle or escape response.
startle online, which will be unveiled on September 27, 2000, has selected Informix(R)'s Media360(TM) asset management system as the foundation for its service.
ABOUT STARTLE AND FORBES TRAVEL GUIDE Startle is the luxury lifestyle platform that combines the objectivity and heritage of the Forbes Travel Guide Star Rating system with insightful recommendations from a hand-selected group of tastemakers and travel experts.
The investigators, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, conducted a study of acoustic startle responses in 80 participants, evenly divided into groups of nonsmokers, occasional (nondependent) smokers, continuing smokers, and dependent smokers undergoing 24-hour withdrawal.
But the researchers found that even among women drinking four units of alcohol a week, significantly fewer babies passed the startle test than those whose mothers drank nothing at all.