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startle (one) out of (something)

To cause one to come abruptly out of some state or condition due to a mild shock or fright. The sound of the backdoor slamming shut startled me out of sleep. I hope the large decline in sales has startled the directors out of their complacency. I snuck up behind Tommy so I could startle him out of his daydream.
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startle someone out of something

to frighten someone very badly. (The something that may be lost may be expressed as wits, senses, ten years' growth, etc.) The explosion startled Polly out of her senses. I frightened myself out often years' growth.
See also: of, out, startle
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Polymyographic electrophysiological study should be considered in the diagnosis of exaggerated startle reflex (1).
However, a small number of studies have also suggested that picture aversiveness could contribute to the startle reflex potentiation above and beyond the effects of emotional arousal.
The sole participant was a 21-year-old psychology student, who described herself as having an exaggerated startle response.
This group was only able to reduce their startle response by 40%, compared with 50%-60% in controls.
It was noted by previous studies that habituation (decline and disappearance of response during repetitive stimuli) occur with other types of startle reflexes (Yeomans & Frankland 1995).
They found that taps on the supraorbital nerve elicited multiple startle patterns, probably by stimulation of structures of the eye supplied by trigeminal nerve branches.
If the resident is hitting because of an exaggerated startle response, the caregiver should approach from the front with a smile, being sure to gain the resident's attention and to precede the physical contact with eye contact.
A measure closely related to emotion is the acoustic startle blink reflex (Bradley et al.
Kinross and her associates at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, performed a startle experiment on 50 healthy participants.
You never know how a snake will react if you startle them,'' Brown said.
The researchers noted that the startle response was eliminated in students who were given oral propranolol before seeing the picture.
Ambrose the mouse yearns to follow the traditions of his mouse family and help build a gorgeous cathedral, but his daydreams prevent him from practicing the somersaults that startle tired workers and help them stay awake.
Successful cognitive-behavioral therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder also decreases a patient's startle responses, even though the treatment is not designed to address that symptom, Michael G.