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1. An issue, topic, or person that makes no progress or shows little evidence of future success. I know you worked really hard on that proposal, but it's a non-starter—the committee refuses to even consider it. You want to be a doctor? Boy, that's a non-starter—you can't even handle the sight of blood! I wouldn't have too much faith in Bobby—he's a nonstarter, and this business will probably just become another in a long line of failures for him.
2. sports One who does not start the game or race. This phrase is often used in horse racing. I watched the race—what happened to our horse? Why was he a non-starter? I may be a non-starter now, but my goal is to supplant the first-string quarterback in time.

for starters

1. As one example or reason (out of several potential ones). Why don't I like musicals? Well, for one thing, I just can't take a story seriously when it's set to music. I prefer shopping at brick-and-mortar shops. It's nice talking to someone in person, for one thing.
2. Initially; as a beginning. A: "I'd like to help in some way, if I can." B: "OK. For starters, you could set up chairs for the guests."
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for openers

 and for starters
to start with. For openers, they played a song everyone knows. For starters, I'll serve a delicious soup.
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for openers

Also, for starters. To begin with. For example, Out of 50 possible jurors they eliminated 30, for openers, or She believed him, which indicated, for starters, that she was very gullible. The word starters is also used for the appetizer or first course of a meal, as in For starters we had shrimp cocktail. [Mid-1900s]
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see under for openers.
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under starter's orders

If someone is under starter's orders, they are ready to do a task, and can begin doing it immediately if necessary, and if something is under starter's orders, it is ready to start. There are over a hundred such schemes under starter's orders by central and local government. Note: When the horses in a race are under starter's orders, they are in the correct position at the start of the race, and are waiting for the signal for the race to begin.
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for starters

1. People say for starters to introduce the first thing or things in a series of things. It'll be nicer than being at home, in some ways. No kids and dogs, for starters. There was so much I needed to know. How did my previous beliefs fit in with what I was now discovering, for starters?
2. People say for starters to talk about the first thing to be done. I'd like to punch him on the nose for starters.
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for openers

To begin with: "Out of 54 potential jurors, they knocked 20 off ... just for openers" (Joseph DiMona).
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for starters

To begin with; initially: "Deborah believes him, indicating, for starters, that she isn't the brightest" (Judith Crist).
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Both new liquid starter cultures combine process efficiency, maximum product safety and a mild taste profile characterized by distinctive fermentation flavours.
Although they are young, many of the starters gained valuable postseason experience last year as freshmen, and don't consider anything out of reach after seeing last year's team more than double the previous year's win total.
6 On completion of the hold, continue the heat-up until the starter blocks are 90% melted.
Before you do, pull all the rope out of the starter and tie it on the wrap-around handle.
Our 1973 recipe relies on bacteria in the yogurt to culture the starter.
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Why do we continue to come aboard and find plastic starters installed in fluorescent lights after all of us have previously reported they were removed?
Ned Colletti sent back-up catcher Dioner Navarro (who was expendable with the surprise emergence of Russell Martin behind the plate), right-hander Jae Seo, and a ``to be named later'' minor-leaguer to Tampa Bay for left-handed starter Mark Hendrickson, catcher Toby Hall, and $1 million.
With cold weather around the corner, another itchy finger will no doubt stay stuck on an engine's starter switch.
AS A CERTIFIED MASTER USATF starter who has worked state meets, the NCAA national championships, and the Big Ten championships, I have often found myself groaning, "Flag, flag, who has the flag?
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