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1. and *jump(start) battery power to help start someone's car, etc. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) My car is stalled. I need to get a start. I got my car going. I got a jump from John.
2. help in beginning one's career; a first opportunity in the beginning of one's career. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) She got a start in show business in Cincinnati. She had a start when she was only four.

start something

to start a fight or an argument. (Something can be replaced by anything or nothing with the negative.) Hey, you! Better be careful unless you want to start something. I don't want to start anything. I'm just leaving.


/light/build a fire under Slang
To urge or goad to action.
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The Lions wing has begun 27 matches for Northampton Saints and Wales, one more than fly-half Dan Biggar who, though he made 28 appearances for the Ospreys and his country, started 26 of those.
2 : to come or bring into being or action <Who started the rumor?
Stop cranking if the engine hasn't started after two minutes, or you can burn up the starter.
Our guys have been with me since the day I started building (in 1996).
Finneran's quest started several years ago, as a result of conversations with teachers and respected educators, as well as Boston University Chancellor John Silber, who once remarked the state should stop paying for 12th grade and devote funds to early education.
As "cheese master" for both the Picholine and Artisanal restaurants in New York City, Max works with his first food love and rightfully gives cheese the care and nurturing it deserves; in fact, he started in the industry as both a maitre d' and sommelier -- two venerable professions that lend themselves well to the appreciation of cheese's many nuances and to expertise in the graceful serving of cheese.
I had started playing guitar in elementary school and by the time I was a freshman I was consumed with acoustic guitars and tunings.
Candida Uraga, Brenda's mother, smiled as she recalled that only a year ago Brenda had started out at a federally-funded "Early Head Start" program as a sheepish, disinterested toddler who didn't speak to anyone.
Height of the Stride: Since a low stride can be executed quicker, started later, and produce a body balance, most hitters keep the stride foot low to the ground.
JOSEPHINE THOMAS QUIT A $30,000 A YEAR JOB AT MOUNTAIN BELL IN DENVER AND STARTED her own business the minute she got her real estate license in 1985.
have started providing such a mathematical framework.
Although he was the top qualifier, Thirkettle started seventh in the heat race and sixth in the main event.