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Start Something, a free youth program developed by Target stores and the Tiger Woods Foundation, has expanded with the creation of "Start Something Part 2," a new program for children 8 to 17.
If Mom's sleeping and it's 4:30 and everyone's getting hungry, I'll just start something for dinner.
Other Sections with established programs could either start something new or apply the funds to make an existing program more effective.
Certainly, she says, "If we were foolish enough to try and start something like this again, we'd look for bigger grants" and higher-profile projects--ones that could be widely publicized upon completion.
Drop the program and start something completely different.
The event, Start Something that Matters: Transform Yourself and the World Around You, will take place on July 19 at 7 p.
I'd like to think David can start something special at Linfield now, go on and win more silverware and be a hero.
not to start something which they cannot control,' he said.
Councillor Gay Hopkins (Con Arrow Valley East) said: "I think we are going to start something that others will follow.
I always start irting and seem to meet loads of attractive women and start something.
Sue Jackson makes Beverly satisfyingly as common as muck, and Mike Baughan (Laurence) is from the start something of a human time bomb.
The band, are currently working on the follow-up to their second album, Start Something.
START something beautiful with Accord at Owen Owen in Liverpool.
Get a few spa treatments if the bank balance allows, and as exercise is a great way to boost confidence start something you will enjoy.